Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Day

I started watching these little tykes 2 years ago and we have become BFF's. So from time to time we have a little play date :) . Andee and Pax are always so good for me! They keep me busy at all times. Between water coloring, baking cookies, McDonald's, Brooklyn's Playground and them just running around by the end of the day i am dead

I really wish Chio wanted 3 kids......but i will settle for 2 :)

Crue had his pictures done at 3 months and they turned out so CUTE! He is such a trooper for his mamma. 

I could not ask for a greater blessing in my life. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Farm Day

This weekend my sissy came down with her sweet babe and we went to baby farm day! It was such a blast! Growing up i NEVER would of guessed that me and my sister would be BEST FRIENDS. We have so much fun together and now that we both have little ones its even better :) It seems that whenever we are together we end up trading babies, which I LOOOOVEEE! I can never get enough of my Jett. 
Crue slept the entire time. (It seems that whenever i have someone to help me with the little guy he sleeps. But whenever its just me..............hes wide awake! I can never get anything done.) He is the cutest little stinker around and i wouldn't trade him for anything. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crue Philemon Lopez
February 5, 2012
7lbs 9oz
21 1/2 inches 
Baby Crue is now almost 3 months old and we love him so much!

Chio has one race left until his running career is finished. 
I am still doing hair at the Dragonfly.
I have been commuting to work while Chio is in school but we will be moving to Pocatello for the summer.
It will be really nice not have to drive back and forth plus we are going to be neighbors with my good friends the Arnold's! 

This weekend my friend Aubri came down to help me pack up our house.
We made a night of it and went to The Vow and had Chick-fil-a after.

That's all for now...
Hopefully I will post more often :]